As an Italian and lover of fine wine, I wanted to make a wine that was reminiscent of the European style of wine making. A wine that is elegant with bright acid, soft fruit notes and a true reflection of the varietal grown.

Wine is not made in the barrel. It is made in the vineyard. We take great care to ensure that from start to finish there is a quality grape produced. We harvest by hand getting rid of any small or unwanted grapes and thinning the clusters early to allow for maximum concentration of fruit and natural sugars. We use sustainable farming methods making sure what is taken from the vineyard is put back. No chemicals or pesticides are used in our vineyard. Instead, we use our alpacas for weed control and they provide us with rich, organic, natural fertilizer.

Jim Tondelli is the owner, farmer and winemaker. Jim grew up in Chicago and spent the last 30 years in San Diego. Jim has a passion for excellence, which reflects in any endeavor Jim takes on.